Cap Corse Historic Rally 2017

Anti-chamber of the prestigious « Tour de Corse Historic », the « Cap Corse Historic Rally » was organized from March 10 to 12, 2017 on the Cap Corse roads, north of Bastia.

The rally hub was the port of Macinaggio, near the Giraglia island.

The winner of this edition is Bryan Bouffier, on a Porsche 911 Carrera RS the same which won the « Tour de Corse Historic » to the expert hands of Romain Dumas.

All sorts of legendary cars crossed the Cap Corse’s roads, from the large American V8s of Ford Mustang to the Cobra Shelby, to the Renault 5 Alpine Turbo and Turbo, and the legendary Ford Escort with their raging engine noise..

First event of the historic rallies season, The Cap Corse Rally did not fail to its reputation, and allowed a first training to the drivers !

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